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How to Flock a Christmas tree for a Perfect White Christmas?

Holidays are approaching fast! Have you decided how to decorate your Christmas tree this year?!

If not then we have a perfect thing for your Christmas tree. Flock it!

Over the past few years, flocking the Christmas trees has become increasingly popular. Flocking can make your tree look more natural and festive, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind when doing it yourself or having someone else do it for you. Our tips on how to flock a Christmas tree will help ensure your tree looks great all season long!

Flocking your Christmas tree can be one of the most fun parts of decorating it. But, what exactly is flocking? Is it messy? What things do you need to flock your Christmas tree? 

Here’s what you need to know about flocking your tree without stressing about it!

What is a flocked Christmas tree?

Have you ever seen those beautiful trees that look like they’re covered in snow? 

They’re called flocked trees!

The artificial snow dust is a fine fiber with adhesive material. When it is dusted on the wet tree, it soaks up water and fluffs up to look like snow.

Which tree is better for flocking – Real or artificial?

Flocking real vs. artificial trees is a matter of preference, but there are some distinct advantages of going with an artificial one. Most notably, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up needles or watering the tree.  Having said that, whichever tree you decide to use for flocking, make sure to follow the tips shared at the end of this article. 

Let’s see if there are any differences in the flocking process of these two types of trees:

How to Flock a Fake Christmas tree?

Even if your Christmas tree isn’t real, you can still flock it to make it look like it’s straight out of the North Pole! You can also use this technique on a garland, wreaths, and much more! 

To be honest, there isn’t any difference between flocking real and artificial trees. It’s just that you can keep your artificial flocked tree to be used again and again in the coming years.

How to flock a real Christmas tree?

Flock your real Christmas tree well near Christmas time so it stays in good condition for somewhat longer after Christmas. Flocking can prolong the tree life for about 4-5 weeks which is a great thing. The downside is that the tree cannot be recycled afterward because the chemicals used in flocking make it unsuitable for recycling.

​The advantages of flocking a Christmas tree

Either you are flocking a real tree or an artificial one, there are several reasons to flock. Such as:

  • For families that have always gone artificial, flocking is just another step in getting into that holiday spirit.
  • Not only do flock trees look pretty, but they also last longer than trees that aren’t flocked! A real flocked tree can last up to 6 weeks instead of just 1 week if it isn’t flocked.
  • Flocking is easy to do! With very little time or effort, you can create an elegant tree to be proud of.
  • Flocking is 100% safe for your tree and home.
  • Flock gives trees a fresh look but more importantly helps prevent needles to drop. Needle drop is when individual needles fall off of your tree without purposely breaking. So if you have pets or small children then a flocked real tree is a better option.

Useful tips for how to flock a Christmas tree like a pro

If you haven’t flocked a tree before then you are in luck. We have some great tips to ace Christmas tree flocking in your first attempt!

There were some mistakes by us that we don’t want you to repeat. Read on to learn some very useful tips for flocking.

Safety first

Use a mask and gloves so nothing sticks or gets into your system.

Buy the right amount of flocking

It’s best to have too much than not enough, so you may want to purchase more than what the package recommends. The packaging will give you an approximate amount of flocking needed for different types of trees. For example, if you have a large tree, you will need more flocking than with a smaller tree since there is more surface area on which it can fall off or settle into ridges.

Keep fiber away from water

You don’t want to fluff up the fiber before it reaches its place on the tree. It’s better to seek help. One person can spray water on the tree using a spray bottle while the other can dust the fiber onto the wet area.

Flock outside

We recommend doing the process in the open air on a non-windy day. If the weather doesn’t permit then the next best option is a garage or basement. Don’t flock your tree in the living room as the white dust will travel everywhere which will be impossible to clean.

Work in sections

Don’t try to shower the whole tree with water and then just throw the flock on it!

Water dries up pretty quickly which will not let the fiber stick to it. Sprinkle water over small sections and use a flour sifter to dust the fiber over it. It is time-consuming but worth the effort as you will end up with a perfectly flocked tree.

​Dry it completely

Let the tree dry up for a day or two before putting up the decorations. Also, shake off extra fiber outside before moving the tree inside at its display spot.

Wrap Up

If you have a perfect Christmas tree—flock it!

Flocked trees look so gorgeous and perfect without much struggle. We hope that this article on how to flock a Christmas tree will help you put up a spectacular Christmas tree this year. Try the flocking technique while keeping in mind these tips and tricks and you can do a perfect job that everyone will love!