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10 Amazing Clown Makeup Ideas that will bring out Your Creativity

Halloween is a fun time of the year, filled with costumes and candy—and in our case, makeup! This year, we’re sharing some Halloween clown makeup inspirations that are easy to recreate and require minimal supplies. The best part? You can do them any time of the year, not just on Halloween!

So whether you want to be a clown for Halloween or a costume party – whatever the reason, you would want to look like a cute clown without making others scare and run. Furthermore, if you are not sure how to do clown makeup or are not confident to put on this makeup yourself then ask for help from a friend who is a makeup expert.

Why Most People are Scared of Clowns?

Clowns can be scary, but it’s their makeup that makes them so terrifying. Although clowns are known to be the silly, harmless ones, their makeup has the power to trigger nightmares in everyone who sees it. It’s no wonder why clown look has become synonymous with the art of scaring people. 

Where to Get Inspiration for Clown Makeup?

If you’re wondering where to get your next easy clown makeup ideas from, why not use the power of the internet?!

Also, look no further than your nearest television screen, magazine cover, or billboard for this makeup inspiration. Many movies have clown characters that can be used as an inspiration for makeup.

10 Clown Makeup Ideas to Try This Halloween

Clowns are well-known for their dazzling smiles and larger-than-life personalities. But it takes more than just red lipstick and white face paint to create an iconic clown face. Clown face makeup is one of those areas where people think there is a simple rule (thick red lips and blue eyes), but in reality, there are lots of options. 

The clown looks we are sharing today will give you a unique appearance but also let others know that it’s you under the makeup! 

So let’s get started!

  1. Pennywise Makeup Look

Go for this popular look if you desire a scary clown makeup look that has a subtle sexiness. We bet that full red lips curving up and beyond the reddish-black smoky eyes will be a super-hit look at the party!

  1. Pretty Clown Makeup 

After you put on everyday pretty-looking makeup, just transform your lips like that of a clown. Also, with a black eye shadow, draw those typical markings under your eyes. Don’t forget to color the tip of your nose.  You are a pretty clown now with minimum effort!  Opt for this look for easy makeup that uses minimal and basic makeup products. It is a gorgeous clown look if you do not like over-the-top looks.

  1. Circus Clown Makeup 

Add a dash of sparkle to your lips and eyes to create a customized makeup look that will wow your friends. We have seen it done countless times but there is mystical magic about this look that we just adore!

  1. Girly Pink Clown Makeup

Use  pink, white and black colors with some glitter for a cute clown makeup look. It will give everyone a much-deserved break from bright-colored clown looks while adding a fun element too. Moreover, you will enjoy doing this makeup with girly clown touch.

  1. Creepy Clown Makeup

If you are a little creative and possess some drawing skills then this look is for you to shine!

Put normal make on one half of your face and draw a creepy clown on the other half. This look is sure to not only freak your friends out but will establish you as a great makeup artist as well!

  1. Rainbow Clown Makeup 

Don’t want to stay black and white? Bored of watching the same looks over and over again? Make an artistic use of rainbow colors in your makeup. We ensure that the outcome will be more than splendid!

  1. Skeleton Clown Makeup

This is perfect for Halloween!

Draw a skeleton jaw over the clown lips and hollow out your eyes with black eye makeup to complete the skeleton look. Not only this is a great look but will also make you stand out from the ordinary Halloween makeups.

  1. Fun Clown Makeup

Mismatches colors on both eyes and upside-down markings will give an element of fun to your clown look. For example, you can make one eyebrow purple and the other green. On the other hand, use green eye shadow under the purple eyebrow and purple eye shadow under the green eyebrow! 

  1. Easy Black & White Clown Makeup

This is probably the easiest makeup you can do for a clown look. No need for fancy makeup products yet this look will have a powerful impact on everyone. In addition, add some sparkle to your look with some silver glitter.

  1. Fantasy Clown Makeup

This is our favorite and a perfect clown look by far!

Multicolor feathery eyelashes, dreamy eye makeup, and blood-red clown lips. Nothing can go wrong with this makeup. Plus, if there is a contest for the best clown makeup, this is the winner look!

Final Thoughts

Clowns come in all shapes and sizes, with different makeup looks to match. So, we hope that the above list of Halloween clown makeup will be right up your alley!

Whether you like your clowns extra scary or extra colorful, we’ve done our best to provide you with the inspiration you need to create your perfect look. It’s now up to you to let your creative juices flow and create a look that works on you!