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Kelly O’Donnell Weight Loss: A Transformational Story

Kelly O’Donnell is a 50 year old, tough-as-nails American journalist who lost around 60 pounds within a span of 12 months!

Yes, you read that right! 60 pounds in 12 months. For those who follow the metric system, Kelly O’Donnell weight loss journey consisted of losing 27 kg in 12 months

Kelly O’Donnell Weight Loss

Kelly O’Donnell is a political reporter for NBC News as a White House and Capitol Hill correspondent. She also appears on NBC Nightly News, Today, Meet The Press, and MSNBC. She has racked up a reputation for asking hard hitting questions that politicians can’t seem to get out of. O’Donnell was inducted into the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame in 2011 on top of the Ohio Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2004. On top of that she received the Alumnae Award in 2014 and the Alumni Merit award in 2010 from Northwestern University. 

But that is just scratching the surface

Ms.. O’Donnell has been decorating her shelf with numerous accolades throughout her journalism journey. So why has the Pixel team decided to talk about her incredible self today? Recently, O’Donnell has been making rounds in the newsroom for something other than her journalistic talents. It is instead related to her recent weight loss journey. 

In 2018 O’Donnell was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune condition. The doctors told her that the medication prescribed to her could cause her to gain weight. True to her nature, O’Donnell did not let this scare her into hiding. Instead she came up with a Kelly O’Donnell weight loss game plan that would not only change her life around but also give her a completely new perspective on health. 

Her Game Plan

O’Donnell realized that her health condition would stay with her for life, which meant that she could absolutely not rely on crash diets for the sake of immediate results. She had to be smarter than just eliminating a food group. Instead, for the next 12 months she would work on her eating patterns, her thought patterns, and her mobility patterns. O’Donnell decided that she would make a complete lifestyle turnaround for which she enlisted the help of a nutritionist. For years O’Donnell felt trapped by her own body, unable to lose weight and see the change she wanted. However, her nutritionist helped her create a holistic Kelly O’Donnell weight loss plan that allowed her to understand what her body responds to in order to see successful weight loss. 

Her Diet

When we embark on our weight loss journey we immediately see food as the enemy. And that turns out to be our biggest downfall. Kelly O’Donnell weight loss plan started with taking things slow in order to correct her relationship with food. Rather than removing entire food groups from her diet she opted for portion control – a little bit of everything, some a little more than the other. It was all about what she could add to, instead of subtract from, her meals. Her plate would often consist of lean meats, vegetables, and whole grains. She would also squeeze in a helping of fruit here and there, along with healthy snacks like nuts and Greek yogurt to keep her satiated throughout the day and stop her from overeating. 

Meal prepping became a integral part of the Kelly O’Donnell weight loss plan. Dedicating a small section of the day to meal prep for tomorrow can do wonders for your eating pattern. Because your meal has already been prepared for the day to come it cuts down any chance of impulsive eating decisions that you could regret later. Couple that up with an exercise routine that you can stick to and you are halfway to your weight loss success. 

Her Exercise Regimen

O’Donnell was quick to realize that if she wanted to lose weight she had to remain in a calorie deficit. This meant that for her Kelly O’Donnell weight loss strategy she had to burn calories to make sure that her body was using up energy and storing less fat. To do that she had to incorporate exercises which would not only promote muscle gain but also boost metabolism. By engaging in physical activity we help our body build lean muscle mass. Muscles allow your body to burn more calories while at rest. 

Meaning you are burning calories throughout the day even when you are not even exercising!

Plus who hates looking nice and toned?

However, to make sure you are getting all your desired benefits you need to remain consistent. 

Well, this is the actual challenge, even more so than the exercise itself. The first step is to start small. Is the weather beautiful where you live? Why not go for a refreshing evening walk? You can even opt for hiking and bicycling. If you want to remain consistent you have to choose exercises that make you happy, something you look forward to doing everyday. 

The Real Secret to Her Kelly O’Donnell Weight Loss Success

Cheat Meals

Yup! O’Donnell would let herself indulge once in a while. Our brain is wired to crave the things we cannot have, and this especially pertains to food. If we completely deprive our mind and body of certain foods we might set ourselves for a binge episode in the near future. This is why it is so important to have a bar of chocolate, a McDonald’s cheeseburger, a slice or two of pizza, once in a while.

Interesting meals

This is so important if you don’t want to hate your life. To make sure that healthy eating becomes your lifestyle you will have to go beyond just salt and pepper as seasoning! This means flavors, textures, and colors! Pairing your food right is the key to sustaining weight loss.

Support system

J. David Ake, O’Donnell’s husband, helped her stay sane throughout her Kelly O’Donnell weight loss journey. Now we are not saying that you tell the whole world about your weight loss journey, but having a close-knit group of people who support the change in your diet and help you stay on track goes a long way. So share your weight loss goals with your loved ones and ask them to monitor your progress over time. 

Parting Words

Before you dive head first into your own Kelly O’Donnell weight loss journey it will help to have certain systems in place. Working with a reliable nutritionist, meal prepping, portion control, and emotional agility can transform your relationship with food and your body for better!