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George Conway Weight Loss

George Conway, an American conservative attorney and political commentator most famous for his critical views about Donald Trump, has recently shed around 40 pounds. This transformation happened after his split with Kellyanne Conway, his now ex-wife and former White House advisor who was a part of the Trump administration.

George and Kellyanne remained married for about 22 years before announcing that they were in the process of what they called “amicable divorce.” This announcement came in March 2023, and many people in the social and mainstream media speculate that it was due to George’s and Kellyanne’s bipolar political views.

Based on the verbal blows Conways used to throw at each other over Trump, it seems hard for their followers to believe that the nature of their split was amicable. George always came up with ferocious social media posts about Trump, and Kellyanne never missed those opportunities to oppose her husband in a deploring way.

But since their separation, George has lost 35-40 pounds of weight, which, according to a renowned fitness and nutrition expert, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, doesn’t seem to be an outcome of stress. Dr. Mirkin analyzed George’s before-and-after photographs and suggested that he has done an excellent job reducing body weight, which once tipped the scale at 200 pounds.

He’s lost about a good 35 to 40 pounds and he looks like he’s weighing between 160 to 170 pounds,” said Dr. Mirkin about George, wishing him good luck about his future relationships.

That said, it is still unknown how George managed to get rid of all those extra pounds. Based on his dapped appearance, which is complemented well by his reduced jowls and once-puffy cheeks, many people have opined that he must have been really committed to his weight loss. According to a report, George had brought healthy changes in his diet to remain fit.

And, of course, the question of whether Conway’s weight loss efforts were aimed towards a “revenge body” does make sense. After his split from Kellyanne, it is entirely possible that he made this effort to get into a better shape that could help him start a new relationship. This opinion seems to resonate with his audience as well.

His followers on twitter were also quick to notice his transformation, and some of them came with pretty witty responses. Here are a few examples: