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10 Cute Ideas to Show Your Affection with Matching Couples Phone Cases

Couples have different ways of showing their affection for each other especially when they are in social gatherings or their friends’ circle. Many young couples have adopted this new trend of sporting matching his and hers couples phone cases.

Not only do these cases look super cute but they also let others know that two people are together and taken!

Matching phone cases for couples is not only a perfect fashionable phone accessory but they also make an awesome gift for your loved ones. Keeping in mind this chic trend we have brought to you some amazing ideas for phone cases that couples will love to receive as gifts or to be given to spouses as a token of love!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at a few great couple phone case ideas.

10 Fabulous Couple Phone Cases – Our Picks

To be honest, there were a lot of phone cases that we adored for couples but as we had only 10 styles to select so we had to drop a few. This shortlist contains some basic styles that everyone loves but do forgive us if your favorite did not make it to our published list.

Let’s check our picks in some detail.

  1. Picture engraved phone cases for couples

Custom couple phone cases are perfect for couples of any age as you can get a personalized design according to individual taste. So, it is up to you what you want to appear on the cases. The choices are endless!

The phone case that we chose is made of wood and you can have your favorite picture engraved on it with any text. No doubt, it is a great romantic anniversary gift for a spouse or a couple.

  1. King and Queen matching phone cases

If you are looking for cute matching phone cases for couples that are not too dramatic then this design is for you!

Pink and black rubber cases with king and queen written in cute and stylish font with respective crowns is a very cute idea that looks decent as well.

  1. I love this guy/girl phone cases

When you are in love just let the whole world know!

Don’t shy away from stating the obvious with these adorable phone cases for couples in love.

  1. Empty and full battery funny phone cases

We usually have two extremes in every couple with one person always having a phone with a full recharged battery and the other one whose phone battery is always empty at crucial moments.

If you are one of those couples then these funny but cute couple phone cases are perfect for you!

  1. Soul-mate complementing phone cases

We just love these matching phone cases!

One phone case has ‘soul’ written on it while the other says ‘mate’.  And when the two of you meet and put your phones together on the table it becomes ‘Soul mate’!

Can there be a better way to remind you of being each other’s soul mate every time you are together?!

  1. Mr.  & Mrs. phone cases

Cute couple matching phone cases alert!

Mr. with a blue mustache and Mrs. with pink lips on black cases will be a great way to tell everyone that you two are married. We say go for these charming phone cases!

  1. Beauty and the beast phone cases

We wouldn’t call a handsome guy a beast at all!

But if you find it funny and love the beauty and the beast story as we do then go for these phone cases.

  1. Always and forever phone cases

The ‘Always and Forever’ phone cases look so classy and are perfect for decent and mature couples.

This mix and match set shows ‘Always’ written on one and “And Forever’ written on the other phone case. Furthermore, you can also add an engagement or wedding date to make it a personalized item.

  1. Bride & Groom custom made phone cases

Why not opt for bride and groom phone cases as your wedding bells are approaching!

Add your wedding date as well to add a more special touch. Moreover, it will make a perfect wedding gift as well.

  1. His and hers cursive writing phone cases

This minimal design is the best for many couples who want to keep it simple yet appealing.

‘His’ and ‘Hers’ written in beautiful calligraphy feel so artistic and pleasant to the eyes. These phone cases are going to catch everyone’s attention for sure!

Our Final verdict on Couples Phone Cases

You are never too old to adopt some new trends so go for matching phone cases if you feel like it!

Just be sure to order phone cases for the correct phone sizes as both of you might have phones of different sizes. You can easily ask for couple cases for different phones when placing the order. Double-check when confirming the order and you are good to go.Enjoy rocking your matching couple phone cases!