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Celebrating a Milestone – 40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Birthdays are always celebrated with so much fervor but there are some important birthdays like sweet 16, turning 18 or 21 that people wait for to celebrate with extra enthusiasm.  40th birthday is one such time that is celebrated with great passion. People put so much effort to make their 40th birthday festivities a memorable event. Our 40th birthday party ideas on a budget are meant to help you plan a great birthday for the people you love.

This article is for you to read till the end if you are looking for birthday ideas for husband on budget, your close friend, a sibling, or yourself. But first, we will see why turning 40 is considered such a significant birthday that people go to extra lengths to make it a special event.

Why is 40th Birthday So Important?

It is said that ‘Life begins at forty”!

Reaching your 40th birthday signifies a landmark event that is worth commemorating.  The celebration does not mean just throwing an expensive and lavish party but carefully planning an event that has lasting memories. With a little creativity, we can organize an enjoyable and unforgettable birthday without breaking our bank.

Many women ask us for birthday party ideas for husbands because admit that wives love to celebrate their husbands’ birthdays!

 So, if your husband’s 40th birthday is approaching, just select one impressive idea from our list of 40th birthday party ideas for husband on a budget and execute it with the help of other family members or friends.

How to minimize your Birthday Cost?

When planning a birthday, many of us are afraid about the expenses going out of hand. Therefore, we suggest allocating a budget before planning on a party so you know your financial limit. Also, there are so many ways you can cut down on birthday expenses and still have a remarkable celebration for your loved ones. 

Let us look at a few suggestions to keep your birthday party budget-friendly:

  1. Arranging party at home instead of some paid-for area
  2. Going for picnic party in some local park
  3. Having a burger stall or hamburger barbeque instead of expensive party food
  4. Opting for a party theme that requires fewer decorations and props

40th Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget

Another way to minimize your birthday cost is to select inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts that have a sentimental value for the receiver. Some great 40th birthday present ideas on a budget can be:

  • Personalized gifts such as mugs, key chains, cufflinks, tumblers, etc. with personal messages 
  • Gifts that complement the theme if it is a themed party
  • Anything that the birthday person has an interest in
  • Family members can buy an expensive gift by contributing to a gift fund

Another thing to make this milestone event worth remembering is giving a return gift to birthday attendees. It is only for the 40th birthday celebration so make everybody happy with this little gesture of love and thank you!

Fabulous 40th Birthday Ideas on a Budget for Anyone

There are many fantastic party ideas for the 40th birthday that will be suitable for any gender or relation that you are organizing the party for. Let us have a quick look at these ideas that can make any 40th birthday party a splendid event.

  1. 40th birthday photo booth

Photo booths are a great way to keep party guests entertained. They will be taking turns to take pictures for posting on social media. Search the internet and arrange some props related to the 40th birthday theme for both males and females. This is a sure-shot thing to make your party a hit!

  1. 1980’s themed party

Born in the ’80s and having a 40th birthday celebration gives you all the reason to plan a birthday party with a 1980’s theme. It is a great opportunity to relive your childhood. You can include anything from hairstyles, dresses, or music that were popular in the eighties. 

  1. Garden movie night

What a fun idea for celebrating a milestone birthday!

Arrange 5-6 good family movies that everyone loves and play the one which gets the most votes. Install a big projector screen so everybody can enjoy watching. You can also make a quiz about the movie to make the event more interesting. Moreover, decorate the garden with fairy lights, garden lights, and lanterns to make the atmosphere charming. Plus, don’t forget to arrange some snacks and drinks to make the whole experience worthwhile!

Keep on reading for husband birthday ideas on a budget 

Husband’s 40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

You can utilize the above party ideas for your spouse’s birthday as well as the following 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget if you are looking for more masculine party ideas.

  1. Camping adventure

You don’t have to go to an actual camping site for this adventurous birthday. All you need is to just set up a couple of tents in your garden if it is big enough. Just keep the lights to the minimum and arrange some sleeping rugs and blankets. This camp out birthday will be remembered for a long time for its originality.

  1. Bonfire party

This birthday party is simple, fun, and within your budget!

You can enjoy roasted marshmallows or hot dogs or even readymade food to keep things simpler. Choose some fun games to keep people entertained. You can involve everyone in some storytelling while sitting around the fire as well and see how creative they can get!

  1. Boardgame get-together 

Ask your guests to bring their favorite board games to the birthday and enjoy playing with your close buddies for an afternoon board game birthday party. Arrange for some easy snacks and drink to keep everyone refreshed.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our 40th birthday party ideas on a budget bring some inspiration for you to plan and organize a super hit birthday bash for your loved one turning 40. Show some creativity and make it a memorable occasion that people talk about it for years to come!