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A Guide to Live in a Tent Long Term

In today’s world where everyone is fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city, the best possible alternative to relieve the inner peace is to start living in a tent – far away from the city. However, camping for a couple of days is easy compared to living in a tent for a long term. You have to do proper preparation, weigh every do and don’t, and arrange every piece of equipment so that you don’t face any hurdle during your stay. 

In this article, we will provide you with in-depth guidelines that will help you to live in a tent for a long period. 

Factors to Consider Before Embarking on Long-term Tent Living

As you are embarking on your new journey, therefore you need to consider the following factors. 

Finding the Perfect Location

Alright! You have decided to go out on tenting but wait, did you decide where you need to go? Choosing the right area should be your first priority. Make sure that the area you have chosen for tenting is near the fresh water. Also, it is approved by the concerned authorities for camping as there may be possibility that remote areas have wild animals such as bears, hyenas, or leopards. It may be possible that some areas, though as tranquil as paradise, are sometimes occupied by state agencies and camping there is prohibited. Therefore, do your paperwork completely, so that you don’t face any impediment in the future. 

Tent assembly and proper anchoring

Your tent needs to be at an alleviated location and properly anchored. Sometimes, rain streams can wreak havoc on people camping on the stream or river side. Also, the tent has to be water-proof and assembled in an area not vulnerable to rain.

Choosing the Right Tent

First thing first, your tent will be like your home and you should know how to make your home durable, fascinating, and comfortable. In this regard, consider the following things: 

Evaluating different types and sizes

If you are all alone, a fine small tent will make a long run for you. However, if you are a couple or have a family, go to the market and search for a capacious tent. The more spacious the tent is, the more comfortable your stay will be. Also, ensure that your tent is easy to carry and fix at the site. 

Ventilation and weather conditions

Your tent has to be durable enough to bear harsh weather, scorching heat, pouring rain, and wind storms. Also, ensure that your tent has proper ventilation and insulation. 

Essential Gears and Equipment

Essential gears and equipment include all those things of your daily use during camping. 


Living in a tent for a long duration becomes more comfortable when your sleeping arrangement is completed. For that purpose, you don’t need to carry spring foam or cotton pillows. There are air matresses and air pillows for camping that can be rounded up after using and take little space. However, if the weather is cold, you need to arrange warm duvets and blankets. In warm weather, only a sleeping bag can solve your problems. 

Storage solutions

Once you arrange your sleeping equipment, it’s time to find a solution for dust, garbage, and storage. Usually, there are foldable drawers, hangers, chairs, and tables available in the market that are made and designed specifically for camping. However, for trash and dust, you can use regular bins and brooms.  

Cooking and food storage

While living in a tent is an adventurous job, cooking can sometimes become arduous. Therefore you need to arrange a mini fridge or a 12 volt car fridge for camping so that you can store the remaining food in it. Moreover, the stove, cookware, and watercooler have to be arranged before you leave your house and start living in a tent. 

Personal hygiene and sanitation

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towel, washing powder, and razor for personal grooming and shaving are necessary to be there in your tent. However, for sanitation, you can dig a latrine 200 feet away from your campsite and use it –ensure that you don’t strip off near water as it will contaminate the fresh water and make it unable to drink. 

Solar panel and power

It may be possible that the area you choose for camping has no electricity. Therefore, arranging a small 12-volt solar setup will help you cope with the potential ;acl of power. Similarly, without any access to electricity, phone batteries can be charged from that solar setup. 

Health and safety 

Health is wealth and you cannot afford to compromise on it at any cost. When you embark on living in a tent, ensure that you take all the precautionary measurements. Following these tips may help you with regards to safety and health.

Fire extinguisher

God forbid if your tent catches fire and you don’t have enough water to put it out, what will you do? A fine fire extinguisher can help you cool burning heat and keep you and your tent safe. Similarly, dry powder fire extinguishers are also suitable for camping and can be effective on flammable liquid. 

First aid and medics

Everyone is aware of the importance of a first aid kit. There are several first aid kits for camping available online and you can buy them for a few bucks. Ensure that your first aid kit is equipped with bandages such as sunny plast as it can give protection against water, germs and help in healing minor cuts. Moreover, blood pressure medications, calcium supplements, and basic antibiotic medications are also necessary during camping. However, you need to get these medicines after consulting your healthcare provider as overdosing might be detrimental to your health. 

Coping with Challenges and Loneliness

As living in a tent for the long term will be a new experience for you, you need to prepare yourself mentally for all the challenges you will face during your stay. One of the most challenging things you may face is loneliness. Therefore, consider the following tips to be active and get the best out of your camping experience. 

Be in touch with the people

Stay connected with the local people and try to integrate with them at their gatherings, festivals, or other functions. 

Book reading in camping

As they say, “One good book is equal to a hundred good friends”, a book can become your best companion while camping. It can be of any type; a novel, spiritual, motivational, poems, personality enhancement, sophism, or auto-biography. 


Living in a tent for the long term can be fun, adventurous, thrilling and sometimes, challenging. With appropriate and proper planning, you can make your camping life an eventful and everlasting experience of your life.