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Harry Styles Zodiac Sign – 8 Traits that Make Him a Perfect Aquarius

Thought you knew all there was to know about Harry Styles? Did you think Harry Styles zodiac sign is Capricorn?! Well, we hate to break it to you, but it’s not Capricorn!

One Direction’s Harry Styles is one of the most popular artists in the world today, and with good reason—the young singer has an amazing voice, captivating stage presence, and a compelling sense of fashion. 

Harry Styles’ personality has been discussed and dissected so many times, and to this day it seems like there is no consensus about the man behind the popular hairstyle. So, we would like to take a look at his horoscope and see if we can find any clues that could help us determine whether he matches the common traits of his zodiac sign or not.

What is Harry Styles Zodiac Sign?

Harry was born on February 1, 1994, in Redditch, England. His star sign is Aquarius—which means he’s independent and honest. He also has a strong will and keen intellect. Harry Styles astrology chart shows that he is a natural leader who leads from his heart. Moreover, Aquarians are good at bringing out the best in others, so expect great things from your favorite One Direction member!

What is an Aquarius’s Personality Like?

Those born under an Aquarius sign are known for their charm, playfulness, and a touch of unpredictability. They’re great communicators and know how to speak to just about anyone. The hard truth is that there will be times when they don’t follow through on what they’ve promised because their opinions change quickly, but even those close to them can forgive them for it. Friends, family members, and colleagues love being around these people because they feel as if their true selves can shine through easily.

Is He a Perfect Aquarius?

If you’re wondering if Harry is a true Aquarius, take a look at these common traits of his sign to decide for yourself. Laid-back, carefree attitudes are evident in every aspect of their lives. They are highly independent and enjoy working by themselves, not needing social interaction or support from others to accomplish their goals.

We will see in detail if Harry Styles Fulfills the Aquarius traits or not!

8 Personality Traits of Aquarius that Make Harry Styles Stand Out

Harry Styles is a talented performer whose fans love him because he is down to earth, humble and talented. Since his fame skyrocketed in One Direction, he hasn’t allowed it to change who he is. He is still your average guy at heart and fans appreciate that about him.

Let’s look at some of the qualities of Harry Styles zodiac sign that make him stand out from the crowd.

  1. Independent Soul

The Aquarius sun sign is known for its independence. As an Aquarian, Harry is accustomed to doing things his way. People belonging to this zodiac sign are all about individuality and freedom, which makes perfect sense for an independent-minded Aquarian like Styles. He’s not bound by other people’s expectations; he does what he wants and when he wants to. 

  1. Sense of humor

Harry’s sense of humor comes through clearly in his music, but he’s also good for a laugh backstage. A fellow musician recalls that Harry is just one of those people who will make you laugh all day long. Harry’s group mates reveal that he is always fun to be around.

  1. Style Statement

Aquarians are known for their zany sense of style, and Harry is certainly no exception. Most stylists would agree that he takes it to a whole new level with his long black dreadlocks, tight leather pants, and high-top sneakers. While some consider his look unconventional, others think it’s downright stylish. What do you think?

  1. Friendly Nature

The Aquarius is a friendly creature and loves socializing with friends. But it’s not all about just partying!

One of Harry’s most remarkable traits is his knack for seeing things from other people’s perspectives. He may be thought of as bratty, but in reality, he is quite warm and genuine.

  1. Problem-solving

It is one of Harry Styles’ strongest traits, making him a good leader for any company, whether it is his band or his solo career. Throughout One Direction’s rise to fame, Styles became famous for serving as the glue that held us together according to their mentor Louis Tomlinson. Louis says he was able to keep them on track when they had different opinions on the choice of the songs during the contest.

  1. Free spirit

Unlike many other signs, Aquarians are always looking for new experiences, especially when it comes to traveling. They hate getting stuck in their daily routine, which means they’re rarely seen wearing the same outfit twice. 

This free spirit also extends to how they speak and behave around others. Because of this free nature, Harry has a track record of not being able to commit to his romantic relationships for long enough.

  1. Thoughtfulness

The Aquarius’ empathy and concern for others are much-celebrated traits. Whether he’s helping someone in need or making thoughtful gestures to his loved ones, you know an Aquarian has your back when you need it most. Because of their unique mindset, they’ll always be there to make you feel better or help figure out what’s going on in your life.

Harry Styles has proved time and again that he’s always got his boys covered. Take for example his band-mate Liam Payne. When he needed some help regarding a personal matter, Harry was there with him every step of the way. It’s no wonder why Harry’s band-mates love him!

  1. Philanthropy

People born under Aquarius are known for their humanitarian ideals and interest in making a positive impact on society. There is an undeniably altruistic side to Harry as well. From his participation in charity projects to his Up All Night tour where he traveled around cities hosting free acoustic performances, Harry has shown that he puts effort into improving things on a more global scale than just himself.

Our Thoughts on Harry Styles Zodiac Sign

After the above discussion, we can all agree that Aquarius makes for an interesting and easygoing personality type. Talking about Harry Styles personality traits, there’s much more to this sign than meets the eye. Many things about Harry’s personality make him the perfect Aquarius in many ways but in our opinion, Harry is a class apart from many Aquarians that we know of!