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I’m Confused – What is the Difference between Body Spray and Perfume?

Body spray and perfume are two of the most popular personal care products on the market today, but how do you know which one to buy? While many people assume that these two products are interchangeable, they’re actually quite different from one another. In fact, each product is designed to serve a very different purpose in your beauty routine. 

Before we discuss how to choose a perfect product for you, let’s understand the difference between body spray and perfume.

How to tell the difference between perfume and body spray?

Body spray and perfume are common scents that are often worn by men and women, but there are several differences between the two products. Body spray, also known as a body mist, typically has a light fragrance that lasts for only 1-2 hours after application, while perfume has a rich scent that can last all day or night. To choose a perfect fragrance for yourself let’s know what’s the difference between body spray and perfume.

  1. Body spray is less scented than perfume

Body spray often contains high levels of alcohol with less fragrant oils, while most perfumes tend to have a high concentration of aromatic extracts and oils while having less alcohol. Therefore, you need to apply less amount of perfume whereas you have to use more body spray to get a noticeable scent.

  1. Body Sprays contain more alcohol than perfumes

Most people think of alcohol when they think of perfumes, however, most perfumes do not contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your skin if you put too much on at one time, causing it to become itchy or irritated. Most body sprays often use a mix of water and alcohol so that they don’t dry out your skin and this is the reason body sprays don’t last long as the alcohol evaporates faster and so does the scent with it.

  1. Perfumes last much longer than body sprays

It’s not uncommon for some perfumes to last 12 hours or more, while body sprays tend to last just 2 to 3 hours. Some people might complain that their perfumes don’t last as long as they would like, but it’s easy to increase its longevity by applying just a little bit of body lotion before you apply your fragrance. The scent of your lotion will help fixate your perfume so it lasts longer on your skin.

  1. Body spray typically cost less than perfume

Generally speaking, body spray costs less than perfume, but that isn’t always true. Body sprays can be just as pricey as or more expensive than perfumes, depending on their brand. Additionally, you might also find affordable perfumes that have a lower price point than other types.

Now that we have an idea about the difference between body spray and perfume, here is how to decide which one to buy based on your needs and preferences.

Choosing a perfect body spray or perfume for yourself

There are literally thousands of fragrances out there, so it can be tough to choose which fragrance you want. 

Most people don’t like feeling confused, but at times you can’t avoid it! 

 You will be able to pick the best fragrance if you know what type of smell you like. 

Scents tend to come in one of three categories: 

  • Floral (think lilacs),
  • Musky (think sandalwood) 
  • Fresh/citrusy (think lemon) 

The next step is deciding if you want an everyday scent or something special for date night/parties/clubbing etc. Because perfume lasts longer than cologne, it’s a good option for these special occasions when you don’t mind smelling a little stronger.

Do’s and don’ts of buying fragrances

Sometimes knowing what not to do or how not to approach a situation can be just as helpful as knowing what will work best. The same applies when trying to choose between body spray and perfume as it can help to know what not to look for.

  1. How Many Ounces Should You Buy

This answer depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. Typically, you can buy different sizes of perfume bottles while body sprays offer just one size option. Also, you can find a low-cost body spray at a discount retailer, but it won’t be top-notch. If you want a high-quality fragrance with staying power, look for a perfume from a reputable brand. Or, opt for a scent from your favorite designer as most will offer signature scents. Their perfumes are relatively affordable compared to their fashion lines.

  1. Where to Buy It

For body spray, you can purchase it in most drugstores or grocery stores. For perfumes, you will need to go to a fragrance shop. Most department stores and perfume shops carry these. There are some sites online that sell perfumes too. However, we don’t recommend buying perfume online because it may not smell like what you thought it would smell like. It is better to try the smell before deciding to buy one.

  1. Buying Online

If you are keen on buying online then there are a lot of websites that sell perfume, but you’ll want to stick with reputable retailers to ensure your fragrance purchases are legit. Amazon offers several different brands from their perfume and body spray collection such as Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Vera Wang, and many more. You can search through various scents by price or keynotes i.e. floral scents or fruity aromas, for example.

Final words

Most people use it interchangeably with body spray but there is a difference between body spray and perfume. In actuality, body sprays are just another type of perfume that typically uses synthetic chemicals instead of essential oils for scents. There are thousands of brands that specialize in designing perfumes and body sprays with a specific target audience in mind.

And remember, perfumes are generally more expensive than colognes or body sprays because perfume often contains extra essences or oils that give it a stronger scent than others. So, if your budget allows for it, opt for perfume every time.