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Christmas isn’t About Gifts – Teach Your Kids the Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. But if you look past all the twinkling lights and carols, you might see that there’s more to this holiday than just presents and parties. After all, that’s not what Jesus would want us to focus on — and we can’t forget that we celebrate his birth at this time of year.

It’s said that Christmas isn’t about gifts, but for many, it can feel like it is. It’s easy to get caught up in Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals, and buying more stuff. But there’s more to holiday joy than gifts. 

When we focus on things rather than people during Christmas, we miss out on what really matters in life. So give gifts that matter. Give more compliments, hugs, time, and love—and watch your relationships with others grow stronger!

Christmas is About Love and Making Memories!

There are a lot of presents under your tree on Christmas morning, but that’s not what matters. What makes Christmastime special is spending time with family and friends — and even going without a few things can help you do just that. 

That said, giving small yet meaningful gifts can make people you love very happy. However, don’t worry about whether it’s expensive and wrapped in fancy paper or not. It’s all about the thought behind the gifts that counts!

Why Too Many Gifts for Kids isn’t a Good Idea?

Let’s be honest, not every gift is loved and cherished by the children. Of all the gifts they receive only a few become their favorite and even those become boring for them after a while. The rest only make it to a box full of discarded items. That’s why we cannot stress enough that Christmas isn’t about gifts.

Isn’t it be better to give our children only a few gifts that they would like to have?!

It will not only save us money but will also save the kids from the disappointment of opening a gift only to see something that they don’t like!

Kids and Christmas

It’s vital to instill a true spirit and joy of Christmas in our kids. And this can only be done if we as parents lead by example!

While we want to make sure our kids know how much we love them and all they mean to us, it’s important for them to learn that Christmas isn’t about exchanging gifts only. If we focus more on spending quality time with family and making someone’s Christmas better, rather than material things as a family, then perhaps our kids will follow suit.

One great way to do so is by reflecting on what made us truly happy last year. It might have been a time when someone gave to us or shared with us a special moment. Sharing those memories with your kids during Christmastime will inspire them and make them realize what is meant by the spirit of Christmas!

How to teach your children Christmas isn’t about the gifts only?

As you can imagine, kids can get pretty wrapped up in the whole Santa thing around Christmas time. So, it’s important to let them know that Christmas is more than just about getting gifts under the tree! 

And while giving presents is certainly a big part of how we mark the holiday, there are plenty of ways to have a meaningful celebration without spending an arm and a leg.

Here are some tips on how to teach your kids that Christmas is more than just about getting gifts.

  1. Create a Christmas Fund

Start early by developing a budget for gift giving in December, then save money throughout the year so that you don’t need to incur any extra credit card debt at Christmas. Make sure your child understands why it’s important to save up money every month rather than asking their parents or grandparents for everything they want.

  1. Alternative Holiday Celebrations 

There are plenty of alternatives to traditional presents and gifts during Christmastime. Consider spending time together as a family while baking cookies or making ornaments for each other; these moments together are priceless! 

  1. Give experiences over items 

Most of us have an abundance of things we already own, but experiences are less common. Therefore, they will create lasting memories! Consider taking your family on holiday vacation instead of buying them pricey toys or new clothes. Children will not only learn that Christmas isn’t all about gifts but also make great memories to look back upon!

  1. Create traditions 

If you do decide to give presents, make sure they will create memories for years to come. Choose gifts that mean something special like handmade cards from your children or handmade items from you such as decorations, tablecloths, and blankets.

  1. Give Gifts Rather than Receiving Them

The act of giving is much more meaningful than receiving. It also generates an environment where you take pride in giving someone something they desperately want. To encourage generosity in our children, sometimes we need to model it first and remind ourselves of its importance, too.

Moreover, Christmas won’t be Christmas without asking somebody questions like is there anything special you want Santa to bring you?!

Christmas isn’t About Gifts – Final Thoughts

As a family, your actions will determine what you want your future Christmases to be like. You have to take some deliberate steps to make your kids realize that Christmas isn’t about the gifts. It’s more about being thankful and more generous. This is a time to come together with family and friends, reflect on our successes and failures from last year and focus on what we can do better for ourselves in the New Year. 

Try to be kind to and thoughtful of the people around you — and practice this act the whole year round!