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Billy Gardell Incredible 150-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Billy Gardell, an American actor and stand-up comedian, is widely known for his role as Mike Biggs in the television sitcom series ‘Mike & Molly’. This show was successful, partly due to Billy’s skillful use of his comical fat boy appearance, which worked quite well with his witty responses and punch lines. But recently, the star went through a dramatic body transformation by losing 150 pounds of weight. When the show was aired, he used to weigh around 370 pounds. But now, his body weight is somewhere between 205 and 210 lbs.

What did Billy do to achieve this feat? And what encouraged him to get in shape? This is what we are going to discuss in this blog. I hope it will serve as a source of inspiration for our readers who want to maintain their BMI but wonder where to start.

Factors that Contributed to Gardell’s Weight Loss

Before embarking on his weight loss journey, Billy didn’t just have a significant circumference to get rid of. An increased risk of diabetes and other obesity-related diseases also prompted him to shun his unhealthy lifestyle and take charge of his body, even if it meant losing his funny ‘Mike’ appearance. His CBS team wholeheartedly supported his decision as they hired celebrity trainers to help him achieve his weight loss goals.

Below are the factors that helped Billy with his tremendous body transformation.

The Weight Loss Surgery

Billy started his weight loss journey with a lifestyle change that involved a healthy diet and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic. It made him a fan of healthy routines. After the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, he underwent bariatric surgery, which reduced his stomach size to that of a cup. After the procedure, he was able to eat less and cut down on his calorie intake.

However, Billy does not recommend this procedure to everyone due to the associated health risks.

I went and had that weight loss surgery which I’m not telling anybody they should do that,” said Billy during the Rich Eisen Show. “That was just what I needed to do because I had gotten so big it hurt to exercise.

Dietary Changes

According to Billy, he had always been a food lover but not a happy one. He loved to eat more because of the type of food he liked. Reducing his food intake was one of his hardest decisions, but thanks to his commitment and the support from his dietician, he had been able to adopt and stick to healthy eating habits.

According to his dietician, Billy’s diet primarily consists of vegetables and lean meat. He gets his supply of carbs from oatmeal and brown rice. At the same time, he avoids high-calorie foods to prevent spikes in his blood glucose levels.


It goes without saying that exercise played a vital role in Gardell’s weight loss. Apart from hitting the jogging track, he included other exercises in his workout regimen, such as cycling, swimming, and strength training. These workouts not only helped Billy burn significant body fat but also improved his lung function.

Some of you fitness folks may wonder why Billy’s trainers recommended him to combine cardio and strength training. For those who do not know, cardio helps burn fat, while weight training is often used for muscle building. Weight training also accelerates metabolism, something that Billy needed to stay energized. Plus, this combination helped him have a holistic effect on his physique.

Challenges that Gardell Faced on His Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss can be a hard-earned goal with lots of challenges in its way. Billy, like other individuals on the same path, faced numerous hurdles but showed resilience and determination to achieve his health goals.

One of the challenges that he faced was maintaining motivation down the road. It can be hard to remain mentally supercharged when you lose weight. This is because the outcome of this process is not always linear. Sometimes, you might not feel like making any progress at all. Gardell faced the same thing, but he stayed laser-focused on achieving long-term success. His family, people at the set, and trainers kept supporting him during the process.

Another significant challenge for Billy was overcoming his food cravings. Being an avid food lover, it was never too easy for him to give up on the dietary habits he had developed over the years. Nevertheless, by making mindful eating decisions and engaging in healthier activities, Billy was able to overcome unhealthy eating habits.

And, of course, a significant impact of Billy’s weight loss was on the people on set and his wardrobe staff.

The true people tortured here were my wardrobe guy and my makeup people. At one point, they were taping my neck back because my skin hadn’t adjusted yet,” Billy laughed when saying this. “Wow, God Bless them.

Benefits that Gardell has Experienced since Losing Weight

Gardell’s weight loss made him feel lighter and healthier. He has also experienced mental transformation and has become more relaxed, confident, and motivated in his everyday life. As a result, he has become more efficient and productive.

Physical Benefits

Billy Gardell’s weight loss involved a dramatic physical transformation. With so much of his excessive body fat gone, he feels more energized and has a reduced risk of certain chronic illnesses typically known for happening when you are overweight or obese. He now looks and feels better and can engage in tougher physical workouts than before.

Mental Benefits

The impact of Billy’s incredible physical transformation was equally significant on his mental health, and he unarguably appreciates this positive effect. According to Billy, he is more focused, confident, and motivated than ever.

What Others Can Learn from Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss?

Billy Gardell’s weight loss has already got a lot of people thinking about their BMI more seriously. This weight loss journey, as a whole, stands as a rare example of achieving weight loss at such a significant level.

Since Billy is a well-known celebrity, the story of his weight loss has been covered by many media outlets and news channels, including The New York Times and CNN. His interviews tend to cover each aspect of his weight loss journey, making it an inspiration for people looking to bring positive change in their lives.

It’s admirable of Gardell that he doesn’t hesitate to share the simple yet effective recipe for a transformation as incredible as his.

If you’re trying to lose weight, a day at a time is the most important thing. Sometimes an hour at a time,” He told during an interview. “You know, in this life, sometimes you have to surrender, and asking for help is the thing people are most terrified about, but it is the very thing where strength is born. Then the troops come up over the hill.”


Billy Gardell’s remarkable journey of losing 150 pounds serves as a tremendous source of inspiration for anyone striving to achieve their fitness goals. Similar to countless others, Billy fell victim to an unhealthy lifestyle and struggled with binge eating. However, upon realizing the impact of his choices, he embarked on a transformative journey toward a healthier lifestyle. His transformation story stands as a compelling example of how maintaining a positive attitude and unwavering persistence can lead to the accomplishment of personal goals.